Menfilm stands out for its high technological level of its equipment. Its Galileo Vacuum Tec metallizing system is supported by a slitter/rewinder of the same standard. Menfilm can metallize in high vacuum various kinds of plastic films for flexible packaging.
Galileo system is the ideal equipment in the metallization process, as it can guarantee an optical density of 1 to 4 in a constant automatic control and an extremely regular aluminium deposition thanks to an evaporation system of new conception.
Materials that can undergo this process of metallization reaching a thickness of 6 to 150µ are the following:
- polypropylene PP; directed MOPP, coextruded MCPP and cast MPP;
- polyethylene PE: high density MHDPE, low density MLDPE and linear MLLDPE;
- polyester PET: plain MPET, corona treated MPETC and chemically MPETK;
- polyammid (nylon) PA: MPA;
- polyvinicolchloride PVC: MPVC.
Menfilm can also metallize and treat paper by aid of ink and varnish applications.
All Menfilm products quality is guaranteed by automatic controls on process parameters (controls on optical density and resistivity), on the finished product (optical density, permeability, COF, metal adhesion) and by an efficient quality system. The process is favourable for its economy thanks to the quality of aluminium deposited on films and to the reduced weight of the finished product.
Our films satisfy every esthetical request and can guarantee a long preservation of products thanks to their high properties of barrier to water vapour, oxygen, sunlight and flavors.

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